Petrous Capital, LLC
Petrous Capital, LLC is a commercial 'hard money' lender providing purchase and rehabilitation financing to non-owner occupant
sidential real estate investors. These loans are generally of a term not greater than six months and can fund property acquisition, closing
sts and specific renovations to a maximum loan-to-value ratio of 70%. Our most successful customers identify and acquire marketable
operty at wholesale market value, develop a clear plan to improve the
operty quickly and then market and resell these properties to owner
cupants at fair market value.

At Petrous Capital, we endeavor to be your financial partner in this process.  Once you have identified a potential property and determined your plan to renovate and remarket the project, simply fill out a loan application and submit (this form can be found under the 'loan application' tab).  Within 24 hours we will provide you with a preliminary decision on your loan request.  We make our underwriting decisions based on acquisition price, the scope of work to be completed, your ability to complete and manage the required work and the property's estimated appraisal value after completion.